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11 Feminine Ways to Raise Your Vibration – Today!

Happy Full Moon, Beautiful Souls!! 

I don’t know about you, but this moon has been kicking my ass!

I have been on a steady high vibe journey these past three months but alllllll of that has been tested this week. After some thought, I decided some of you might be dealing with this too so I wanted to create a list of some sexy and feminine things I do to lift myself up when I am feeling down.

The most important thing about self-care and raising your vibration is you have to make it a priority. If you constantly put it on the back burner and don’t make time, then you will not reap the benefits.

My vibrational journey has been exactly that, a journey. I want to put an emphasis on that because I know a lot of women who are trying to learn about the Law Of Attraction think “why isn’t it working” when it has only been 2 weeks. If you practice raising your vibe with one or more of these things (or others) each day, you will gain vibrational momentum. Continue your practice and lean on this mantra “Every single day, in every sing way, I am getting better and better!”.

1. Get a Mani + Pedi

This is probably my most favorite way to uplevel and raise my vibe. Having pretty nails and toes makes me feel luxurious AF and I love having really feminine looking hands and feet!

2. Take a Bubble Bath with Essential Oils + Candles

I have talked about this time and time again, but it is a part of my daily practice! I literally took a bath last night at 11:30 pm because I knew I needed it so I made time for it.

3. Get a Blow Out at the Dry Bar

If you have never heard of a blow Out, girrrrrrrl, Google that shit! I always leave feeling High Vibe AF! When I look good: makeup done, hair done, nails done (everything diiiiid – haha Drake!), I FEEL GOOD!

4. Give Yourself an At Home Facial or Mask

Target has DIY masks for $3. Don’t try to tell me you cannot afford it. You can skip your Starbucks for the day in order to raise your vibe. AND if you are feeling even more fancy AF, schedule a professional facial or massage!

5. Treat Yourself to New Bras, Panties, and Pajamas

Recently I completely upgraded my sleep wear. I was literally in ratty, holey and NOT cute pajamas every night. So I went to Target and bought a bunch of sexy and cozy pajamas and I threw away everything with a hole or stain on it! You DESERVE to feel good at all times, even when you sleep!

6. Make a Cheese Plate and Pop Some Bubbly

Not the biggest drinker? That is ok – me too! Kombucha is my happy drink of choice. BUT there is something seriously luxurious about a good cheese plate. Cut up some fruit, add some nuts or crackers and just enjoy it – alone! I did this and watched Jane the Virgin at the same time life changing!

7. Make Love with Your Partner

Or if you are feeling really frisky, do it to yourself! I debated putting this on here, but I am a grown ass woman so I decided to go for it! Making love is a very emotional experience for me. AND it has been talked about a lot in the Law Of Attraction world recently, in regards to manifesting faster the more you make love! So get all sexy and spend some quality time with your person! 

8. Create Something Beautiful

As a Pisces, I am a creative being. I love to paint, sew (try to, haha), decorate my home, and make beautiful shit with my hands. It feels good during and afterward, you get to look at your beautiful creation for years to come!!

9. Meditate + Crystal Healing 

I went into how meditating really helps me raise my vibe on another blog, but I wanted to mention it again because it is so important! I also like to use crystals to heal myself by holding them throughout the day, while I meditate or even just sticking some in my bra! LOL!! I also have recently discovered this thing called a Yoni Egg, uhm please go look this up! Sooooo good!

10. Spend Time With Mother Nature

Get out of your house!!!! Stick your feet in the sand, lay on the grass and look up at the clouds, smell the forest, be one with our mother earth! When I am connected with the earth, I feel good. I guess that is why I have always enjoyed camping so much!!!

11. Buy Yourself Some Fresh Flowers

Lastly, this is probably one of my favorite things to do for myself! I like to buy multiple bouquets and stick them in areas of my house that I spend most of my time. The colors, the smell – they all make me vibe high!

What are some ways you like to raise your vibe?

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