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Fancy Friday Feels – Week One


week 1 card pull the fancy sister

Something I have always been fascinated by was Oracle + Tarot readings. I find them to be extremely intuitive and on point at all times. So, naturally, I purchased myself a deck and it has been an incredible experience. Whenever I am looking for guidance or an answer from my higher self, I like to turn to my deck. Since I have received so much wisdom from this deck, I thought it would be fun to do weekly readings for all of my Fancy AF Babes out there!!!

If you have not experienced an Oracle reading before, it is very simple. FOCUS on the cards and what ever 1-2 cards that speak to you by looking at the back will be the ones you want to read. You can ask a question (usually questions that DO NOT have a Yes or No answer work best). A few question/intention examples are “What do I need to focus on in my business more this month?”, “How can I drive more clients to my business?”, or “Tell me something I NEED to know!”. This deck is geared towards creators, but you can use your intuition to seek guidance from the cards regardless. USE your gut feelings to interpret each card. Just because the meanings say one thing, it does not necessarily have to mean that for you.


week1 card reveal the fancy sister

1 – LEFT

week1 card reveal the fancy sister

Changemaker, Make Waves!

Essential Meanings

Card Essence: Sacred activism, protecting Gaia and all life as divine, speaking your truth, honoring your beliefs, being a catalyst, a peaceful warrior capable of invoking extraordinary change

Self-Care Message: Wanting change but not wanting to be the first domino to fall, fear of whistle-blowing, stuffing your truth down, choosing the discomfort of the known instead of seeking something new

Creator Message

Warrior spirit, activist healer, passionate lightworker. You are a changemaker, and it’s time to start acting as that which you are! It’s time to honour your beliefs… to put your soul behind your words, and then to speak them clearly and loudly in your life. Speak your truth and broadcast your changemaker essence to the world. The stars will hear you, the mountains will reverberate, and the world will move as you call forth a new set of parameters for your life.


Claim your status as a changemaker. Stand up for what you believe in. Vocalize what lights you up. And insist on getting it. See injustices as fuel for your fire of good. For your flames of light. For your torch of love. Make waves, changemaker. Big waves. And then play in them as they roll onto the beaches of your life. Take a stand for the way that you are working. Take on work that matters.


Take control of your time. Be the peaceful anchor of love and calmness. Be the changemaker you want to see in the world, and your life will shift to meet you where you are at. There’s a change that you’ve been delaying or a process that you’ve been trying to stay away from. You know the change is inevitable, so make the decision to change that which needs to be shifted. Find your motivation and your energy to make this change. Make the shift.


In deep gratitude, to you changemaker – for being brave enough to be the first domino to fall. In full respect to you, angel of good will – for being revolutionary enough to build a world that you and I may never see. Let me thank you now, today, ancestor of the world to come – for your fearless conviction and determination to effect difference. Let me love you back, for them, for you are their beautiful changemaker -and they will bask underneath your glowing heart and become what you always knew we could be.


week 1 raw intentions the fancy sister

Raw Intention!

Essential Meanings

Card Essence: Intention brought to life, wild power, savage love, divine intervention, powerful inspiration, and channeling messages from Source

Self-Care Message: Holding on to the details too tightly, not allowing Source to intervene, missed opportunities, getting stuck in your story, unchecked emotion that is sabotaging your efforts

Creator Message

Intention can be raw or it can be refined. Refined intention gets polished and perfected, and then it’s turned into marketing materials, a product, a resume, a vision board… and it is always tainted and tinted by a million layers of our own perception. Raw intention is wilder than that. It’s pure, unrefined and authentic. It’s the windstorm that topples dead trees to make space for something new, and it’s the mother who lifts a car with her bare hands in order to save her child. Raw intention does not ask questions… it just intends for something to happen. And so it is.

Allow a little more raw intention into your life. Unleash its spontaneity by bending to whim, desire, inclinations, and impulses. Your body carries the energy of your raw intentions, so tune in and listen to the wisdom that’s being held in your muscles and bones.


Have you been spending energy thinking up projects in amazing detail, without sewing any real seeds to bring them to fruition? If yes, what has sprung up in their place? Intention creates fertile ground… and where it lives something will grow.


Those things that have been happening for you effortlessly? That’s raw intention lining up and channeling through you. It’s Source answering the call of your wishes. Open up to this flow between your pure, positive, unrefined intention and your will see the hundreds of opportunities that line your life at every given moment. In creative endeavors, you can use pure intention to propel you toward your dream. Respect, hear and channel your raw intention. It is your pure power. It is divine love, and it radiates with so much innate magic that it can move mountains and part the Red Sea. By virtue of simply being human, you have this natural magic inside of you. It takes the form of energy, and it flows through your every atom. Have you felt it? If you are like most of us, you block a lot of your raw power. We spend our lives controlling our impulses, trying to fit in, or doing what we believe is the right thing to do. Often, we do these things regardless of what our raw intention is desiring for us. Are you blocking its efforts to bring you what you need? It’s time to do what feels right for you, regardless of what is expected. Listen to your raw intention by paying more attention to any negative emotional responses that you are feeling. What is hidden right underneath your emotion? Feelings like anger, sadness, fear, and guilt are usually protecting a core intention that sounds something like I will be seen. I will be loved. I will be myself. I will be safe. Remind yourself that you will be.


week 1 overthinking the fancy sister

Over Thinking Can Spoil The Magic!

Essential Meanings

Card Essence: Finding inspiration, new beginnings, setting out on your own path, following your intuition and trusting in the Universe/Source, the courage to begin new projects, a positive mindset, recognizing serendipity and opportunity

Self-Care Message: Naively jumping into something new with both feet, analysis-paralysis and the fear of making the wrong decision, movement and progress blocked by your own doubts, not trusting your intuition, worrying about outcomes before you begin, blocking or disregarding your intuition, perfectionism, a need to learn new skills along the way

Creator Message

This is the trust car. The go card. The finding the courage to step out card. It is a reminder to take action when you are feeling inspired by a big idea. Those first magical moments that accompany the sparks of new ideas are pure creative gold. Just as a seed contains all the energy needed to grow a tree, the first sparks of an inspired idea contain all the momentum and magic that you need to put the idea into motion. Don’t hesitate. Use the delicious energy of new beginnings to sustain your excitement, and move into the sacred flow of taking action. By taking action you will shift your reality around what’s possible. You’ve felt the electricity of something new, right?

Unfortunately, those magical beginnings are easily sabotaged by the analytical mind as it begins to self-doubt and second-guess. Make sure you are not over-thinking your magical ideas into non-existence! Instead of analyzing and controlling an idea, allow it to take form. Allow it to expand as you consider how it makes you feel. Does it feel exciting? Does it fit into your ideal future? How will it feel when it’s officially a success? Trust your heart over your logic right now, and move quickly when inspiration hits. It’s time to embrace the moment before it passes you by.


If analysis-paralysis and self-chatter are keeping you from moving ahead on your goals, give your inner perfectionist the week off. You are ready. You are capable. You will know what to do when the time comes. Even if you feel like something isn’t perfect, or that you’re not quite ready, embrace imperfection and do it anyway. As you leap towards your destiny, your momentum will bring you exactly what you need in order to find your success. Expect new lessons, experiences, and skills to evolve along the way. There’s no need to wait for anything. It’s go time! Look for your next magical moment, because it’s right around the corner. Invite the Universe, in its infinite wisdom, to co-create your future with you. Leave breathing room for the unexpected, and life will deliver an opportunity even greater than the one you are currently imagining for yourself.


Allow magic beginnings to take root! There is such a thing as blocking the magic by overthinking, and sometimes naivety and trusting in the unknown is exactly what needs to be done. Sometimes you just need to jump in with both feet. Bravely. Magically. Even foolishly. Sometimes you just know. Sometimes you can feel the rightness of an opportunity.


While it’s perfectly great, and intelligent, to make sure that a biz idea is sound and strategic, sometimes we get so caught up in the planning of it all that the magic fizzles. Sometimes, your inner-strategic-thinker is actually a sneaky m ask that obscures an underlying fear of launching or of being seen. Obsessive planning can be the gatekeeper that says ‘You’re not enough. It’s not ready.’ And this one is a real trickster because it can give you the illusion of moving ahead, even though all you’re really doing is continuously spinning your wheels in different aspects of planning mode. Be careful that you aren’t getting caught up in the weeds of the details in order to stay inside your comfort zone. This illusion of ‘the perfect plan’ can actually serve your feels instead of your business growth. It can show up as waiting for my brand, waiting for my website, waiting to figure out my pricing model, waiting for my plan, waiting to improve, as waiting…for… anything… before you begin. Remember that a kick-ass strategy is fabulous, until it stops you from moving ahead. It’s also perfectly fab to listen to your intuition and to spirit towards your goal when inspiration hits.

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Happy Friday Beautiful People!

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