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Fancy Friday Feels – Week Two


week 2 card pull the fancy sister

Welcome to my second weekly pull for my Fancy AF business and spiritual creators! Last week was so much fun and it resonated with so many of you so I wanted to do this again!!!

If you have not experienced an Oracle reading before, it is very simple. FOCUS on the cards and what ever 1-2 cards that speak to you by looking at the back will be the ones you want to read. You can ask a question (usually questions that DO NOT have a Yes or No answer work best). A few question/intention examples are “What do I need to focus on in my business more this month?”, “How can I drive more clients to my business?”, or “Tell me something I NEED to know!”. This deck is geared towards creators, but you can use your intuition to seek guidance from the cards regardless. USE your gut feelings to interpret each card. Just because the meanings say one thing, it does not necessarily have to mean that for you.


week 2 card reveal the fancy sister

1 – LEFT

integrate your knowing the fancy sister

Integrate Your Knowing!

Essential Meanings

Card Essence: Introspection, finding Soul Purpose, the benefits of spending time alone, a thinker, nurturing your spirit, your innate inner-knowing, instinct, intuition, holism, the integration of many parts

Self-Care Message: Deeling isolated or alone, the time to collaborate or reach out to others for help, a warning to trust your gut, the importance of recognizing your deepest goals, a tendency to be too much of a hermit

Creator Message

Allow your inner knowing and instinct to guide you. You may call it your Sixth Sense, intuition, a hunch or a gut feeling – and it’s time to go deep within and draw upon on that inner knowing right now. What feels like the best route of action for you to take?

You are a spiritual being with animal instincts, and you’ve got the right resources inside of you to totally rock this life. Sometimes, tapping into your innate ancient wisdom means leaving your book knowledge behind and looking at the situation anew. You may be drawing on past experiences to guide you, and it’s time to focus your knowing on the present. (This is especially true if you are holding on to any painful experiences that are projecting judgment into the now.)


This may call for some introspective time alone to really hear what your heart says, and to tune out the opinions of others. Take a spiritual sabbatical. Which choice is the best one for your spirit today?


Are you holding yourself accountable to a daunting should-do-list, even if it doesn’t contribute to your happiness or your joy? What responsibilities can you release in order to free up time for the things on your list that make you feel elated? Give yourself the luxury of time, and take a moment to delve into where you are headed and why you are choosing to go that way. You always have a choice!

You may need a day in nature or a day at the spa… Something to break the rhythm of the busy-busy. Free up some time to allow your inner knowing to reveal itself to you.


This cute critter-card represents your inner sage, and your ability to hone your instincts and create your outer world. The fox has many traits that he calls upon to guide his joyful life. He’s clever and cunning, aloof and adorable, playful and instinctually, wise and creative, curious and intelligent and he integrates all of those different parts with his inner guidance system. He lives as a whole being who is always turned into Source. This is where his magic lies.


Are there parts of your personality that you aren’t integrating into your current situation? Maybe you are not including all of your talents, or consciously leaving out specific skills in your biz offering? The fox whispers of an all-encompassing parts integration. Use all of your resources in your work! Ingenuity comes from connecting your inner and outer worlds, and by allowing yourself to fully show up in the work you do. If you’re having trouble with

If you’re having trouble with niching, or if you’re feeling the need to segment your creation in a way that breaks things into many parts, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

The fox only needs one website. One brand. One Voice. Yes, he can show different aspects of himself under the pages the fox at play, the fox at work, or the fox in the winter, but he still only needs one site. It’s just the fox and it showcases all of him. It’s infinitely more intriguing because it shows he’s multi-faceted and multi-talented. He doesn’t worry about what services the force already has, because he knows he’s unique. He definitely doesn’t fret about which shade of red fur will make him more attractive to the world around him. He doesn’t think about that. He just shows up as his integrated self. And it just works.

It’s time to bring all of you into your plan.



shift the way card the fancy sister

Shift, The Way To New Potential!

Essential Meanings

Card Essence: Lightworker purpose ignited, a shift in your consciousness, human evolution, the charisma of a powerful light leader, the awareness of your thoughts, things coming into alignment with your highest purpose, your soul story and uncovering your highest potential

Self-Care Message: A need for humility, determination, tolerance and perseverance; showing patience and understanding, letting go of expectations, accepting new ways of thinking, having one-foot-in-the-old and one-fit-in-the-new

Creator Message

We are in a time of massive change and evolution. Old ways of thinking are being replaced by a new awareness and by new perspectives. We are ‘waking up‘ as a species. Light leaders are needed at this time, and novel ways of thinking are necessary in order to gracefully navigate these uncertain (yet exciting!) times. You are being called to lead.

Your gifts, your skills in your voice are all needed right now. It’s time to fully surrender to the longings of your spirit. Explore and express your calling, and make the shift into living and breathing your purpose. If your soul feels restless, it is because it has been asking you to dedicate your time to this genesis, and the progress has been slower than necessary.

Your shift will be a catalyst and a trigger for those who witnessed your journey. When we see other souls standing in their own luminous light, we are reminded of who we ourselves can be. Shift the way for us, lightworker! The Universe will support you, especially when you are supporting other people as they shift towards their own positive futures. It’s a time for a powerful delivery of that which makes you whole.

Shift your thinking from yourself, to the greater good of those around you. You will find your best offering relies on solving a problem for others. Make them feel loved. Make them feel empowered. Make them feel capable. Make them feel enough. Because, like you – they are.


Imbue them with your meraki… with the stuff of soul essence and of powerful love.

Find confidence without hubris. This creative awakening calls for immense humility and for great gratitude. Thank Spirit for gifting you your awareness. Remember what it was like when you believed that life was something that you could only react to, instead of knowing that you could actively create your reality. Only deliver a message that helps to shift the old ways of thinking. Yours is a task of accelerating human consciousness, and of leaving a deep positive mark on the world. Sometimes, people who are on the Leading Edge of thought are persecuted because they are misunderstood. It is a time to Grace Lee spread love and light, and to understand that others who think differently about the world are not less than or lost they are simply different. Don’t allow them to dampen your Vibe. Naysayers? Just shift away from them. They will disappear in the process.

Boldly deliver a message that helps to shift the old ways of thinking. Yours is a task of accelerating human consciousness, and of leaving a deep positive mark on the world. Sometimes, people who are on the leading edge of thought are persecuted because they are misunderstood. It is a time to gracefully spread love and light, and to understand that others who think differently about the world are not ‘less-than’ or ‘lost’ – they are simply different. Don’t allow them to dampen your vibe. Naysayers? Just shift away from them. They will disappear in the process.


sacred mirrors the fancy sister

Sacred Mirrors!

Essential Meanings

Card Essence: Seeing light in others, seeking likeness and others, knowing more about yourself by sharing your gifts and talents, finding kindred souls on a similar path, collaborative opportunities, being seen, witnessing sacred evolution, connectedness, oneness, your place among the stars

Self-Care Message: Egoism, being overly bothered by traits and others, allowing someone to push your buttons, allowing another’s journey to affect your self-worth, not recognizing the lessons that other people can give you

Creator Message

Sacred mirrors are all around.

We are connected to other souls on this planet and every single interaction – no matter how great or how tiny, can carry a message, a lesson or a meaning. Expect a lesson in the next few days. It will be one that will reverberate through your being and shed light on your truest form.

As an Explorer of life, you are a mirror to the people you meet, and they are mirrors for you. You understand how you feel about a situation by hearing another person’s point-of-view, and either agreeing or disagreeing with it. You understand more about yourself through these comparisons. Other souls you are attracted to, people you admire, messages that make your soul sing… They all serve as sacred mirrors because they allow you the gift of knowing what really resonates with you. They offer you a moment of deep recognition. I want that. I think that way too. That looks like me. I could do that!

Sometimes mirror serve to ignite something within us that we had long forgotten. I wish I could do that. I would love to be that brave. I desire that Charisma. Is that possible for me?

What have your mirrors been showing you lately? And have you been acting on the information they’re sending your way?

We are all sacred mirrors. We see sameness in each other. We see difference. We look for commonalities. We learn from other people’s crazy thoughts. Ultimately, we are able to understand ourselves and who we are in the world because of the mirrors that everyone else provides us with.

Just as you can only really understand the concept of light when you’ve understood the concept of dark, so too can you only really understand yourself when you see others. When you look into the sacred mirror around you, you place yourself in the web of humanity based on what you see.

Today, you are being asked to look at your situation as a sacred mirror. Look into it… What is reflected back? Does it look like you? How is it the same as you? And how is it dissimilar? What needs to change for it to be a true reflection of who you are?


Others will find resonance or dissonance with what you express, and how you express it. What are you showing to the world? Is it an honest reflection of who you are within? Strive for authentic communication of your spirit. Be brave to tell it like it is, and to stand up for what you believe in. When you do, your crystal clear mirror will draw better circumstances into your life. The more authentic a mirror you can provide to someone else, the more they want to look into it. It will feel good for them. It will fill expansive. And they will be growing their soul right alongside you.

While your ego will ask what’s in it for me, and your marketing coach will ask what’s in it for them – your sacred mirror will ask what’s in it for us? And how can we grow together?

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Happy Friday, Beautiful People!

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